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Case Histories

Introduction to Case Histories

This page contains several case histories. Firstly we would like to thank the parents and carers for granting us permission to publish these summaries. They outline the conditions relating to the individuals as diagnosed by  professionals prior to being introduced to the Horsewyse team. In each case the writer comments on the changes in behaviour as a result of the therapy that we provide.

The case histories are provided in the sections below, please click on an entry to expand it. Clicking on another entry will open it and close the last one.

Jack's story (taken from a letter written by his Mum)

Jack’s story (taken from a letter written by his Mum)

We could never keep our son’s attention for more than a few seconds and found this very hard and frustrating; he was trapped in a world we never seem to fully get into, that was until we the team at Horsewyse. Horsewyse worked with us as a family, the first time anyone had seen us as a family rather than separating our children – Horsewyse have helped with anger issues and frustration and our daughter has not had a full melt-down since going; she sleeps so much better and listens to our wishes. Our son gets so excited when he realises we are going to Horsewyse, when we first started going he wasn’t bothered and didn’t really understand why or what we were doing there.

Horsewyse have gained his attention and focus, they have taught him to watch, listen and request, we are working on asking for more of his attention.We have seen so much difference in both of our children and in ourselves as a family, we find we are laughing and enjoying proper family time and not just getting through the day. Pictures of Jack and his family can be viewed at our facebook page http://facebook.com/horsewyse

Shannon’s story

*Shannon’s story

Shannon is 6 yrs old and contracted meningitis at the age of 15 months. She has since suffered with lack of confidence and very low self esteem; she never wanted to go to school as she found it too challenging because of her learning difficulties. We have tried everything for Shannon. Then I was recommended by my employer to try Horsewyse and was told to look at the way they work with children and horses and how they recognise the needs of the child. After a few sessions at Horsewyse, Shannon’s confidence has improved dramatically and her attitude and behaviour towards others has also changed a considerable amount. Horsewyse has taught Shannon so much and has given me and my family confidence that Shannon will now successfully enjoy school.

*Name has been changed

Jane’s story

*Jane’s story

Jane, our 11-year old daughter, has special needs – she has learning difficulties, lacks concentration and can be very anxious in new situations. Jane has always showed an interest in horses as we go past them everyday on our way to school but she lacks confidence and needs to be reassured about certain things that she would love to do.

When we found out about Horsewyse we knew Jane would love it, but couldn’t imagine her being with the horses herself. Since Jane has been going to Horsewyse the daughter that had very little confidence is now leading Patrick along and having so much fun with the biggest smile on her face!!.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when Jane gave Patrick a kiss!! Was this the same Jane that was wary of even stroking a horse?

Jane has gained so much confidence, she also found following instructions hard to follow, but Horsewyse has found the key to Jane, as she listens to the team and carries the instructions through. Jane has come on leaps and bounds and we thank Horsewyse so very, very much. It’s lovely to see her looking forward to going there, she always comes home and tells us all about it.

We are so pleased to have found Horsewyse. We have been to watch Jane as a family and it brings tears to our eyes to see how much the Horsewyse team have made a difference in her life.  We are all so very proud of her. It’s somewhere that Jane can go and have fun, feel safe , enjoy and learn so much and feel special that she can achieve something. It’s such a friendly place and the Horsewyse team are all very welcoming and are all so kind to Jane and us as a family.

As a parent of a child with special needs, it’s nice to know that we have Horsewyse and to see our daughter gaining confidence, having fun and getting excited about going to see Patrick, Honcho and all the other horses and the girls that help her.

She also loves to go and buy a bag of carrots to feed to the horses. Jane has grown in confidence so much that she is now able to sit and trot round on Honcho!!.

*Name has been changed

Cathy’s story

*Cathy’s story

After 2 years of trying to get help from educational psychologists, CAMHS, doctors and various others for my 6-year old daughter who has reactive attachment disorder and struggles to cope with school life, we finally have a breakthrough. After reading just the Horsewyse website homepage I knew I had found a light at the end of our very long dark tunnel.

Within 48 hours of finding the website, we were at the farm and my daughter was being introduced to some of the amazing horses and the Horsewyse team. Within seconds Horsewyse were teaching my little girl, and from the side of the indoor school I watched in total amazement that not only was my daughter following instructions she was also trusting the trainer to keep her safe, which is something she really lacks confidence in.  I watched in awe as a huge horse thundered past Cathy; the fact that Cathy fully believed in herself and her ability to stay in control bought a lump into my throat. By the end of the lesson, she had a huge smile and was immensely proud of herself, she had learnt to ask for help, understand about personal space and trust the staff. I was so proud of her that I could have burst, I have never seen Cathy interact so well with another adult. She loved every minute of her time spent at Horsewyse and can’t wait to go back … And she isn’t the only one!!!!

Two sessions later……..Cathy has now had 5 school days with huge success!! She has earned a sticker for every session she has completed without any issues and has come home with a full set each day. She has also started to do after school activities again, swimming and dancing which has been her aim for months. I am thrilled with the progress and the fact that she uses her experience at Horsewyse to “see” how her behaviour towards other children affects her. Cathy looks forward to coming so much that we are using it as a goal for next week at school.

*Name has been changed

David’s story

*David’s story

David is 16 years old with Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD who has been permanently excluded from school. He has little or no understanding of emotions or feelings, very few social skills and an inability to read non-verbal signals, as well as being hyperactive. Dealing with David on a day to day basis, can be challenging and exhausting for everyone. Since attending Horsewyse, David has learned patience, tolerance, some empathy, excitement and pride. These emotions have always been impossible to describe to him, he now seems able to understand, and relate to these emotions. This has helped him to be a much calmer person.

David has always avoided physical contact, by working with the horses he understands they need touch to feel safe and calm, and is able to apply this understanding to people he knows, he is now much more receptive to physical contact from family members. He even gave his Nan a kiss the other week, which is unheard of. David is now able to see others have needs too, and he accepts he may have some responsibility to meet those needs.

*Name has been changed

Peter’s story

*Peter’s story

Peter is 16 years old with a recent diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. He is classified as NEET – not in education, employment or training. According to his mum, Peter told all his family while he was on holiday about the day he had spent with you and described it as ‘the best day ever!’ Peter has found socialising difficult in the past and has also found it hard to control his anger. By working on a 1:1 basis, Peter has been able to build up a positive relationship with the staff at Horsewyse and feels he can discuss his problems. He appears less angry and more calm which I feel is directly attributed to the outdoor work at Horsewyse. Overall I feel the positive changes that Peter has made are due to recognising the causes and triggers of his behaviour.  [Reported by the Connexions LEAP Project Co-ordinator]

*Name has been changed

Mick’s story

 *Mick’s story

Mick is 16 years old and was recently diagnosed with depression as well as being not in education, employment or training (NEET). Mick was asked to leave a different provision in the past due to becoming aggressive with other young people. Mick is now showing signs that he understands what makes him angry and more importantly how to control this. I feel this recognition is likely to have come from the observations of horse behaviour and being helped to apply this to his own behaviour. [Reported by the Connexions LEAP Project Co-ordinator]

*Name has been changed