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Sponsor one of our residents

Monthly Sponsorships

Starting from £2 a month, our monthly sponsorships are a way you can support the life changing work Horsewyse does and be first to find out about projects, updates, and events. Plus, you'll receive a sponsorship certificate and factfile about your chosen sponsor horse (either digitally or in the post, dependant on sponsor level) as well as various other goodies and bonuses dependant on the sponsor level.

Have a look at the Monthly Sponsor options below to find out more.

Annual and Gift Sponsorships

Looking to give someone the gift of a sponsorship? Or just want to pay for a year long sponsorship 

 for yourself in one go? Our annual sponsorships have all the same levels and benefits as our monthly sponsorships, just for a single, one-off payment.

An annual sponsorship makes a wonderful, unique gift for the animal lovers in your life, for someone who cares about therapy for those in need, or for someone who likes to support local, community projects.

Have a look at the Annual Sponsor options below to find out more.

*If purchasing an annual sponsorship as a gift, please make sure that the checkout is in the name of the recipient, so that certificates,
E-Newsletters and information are addressed accordingly.

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