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Working with individuals

All individuals are invited for a assessment. Following that, we can arrange sessions during the day, some evenings or at weekends. Sessions often involve a combination of ground work and riding activities. You may be referred to us through social services, CAHMS, your SENCO, or may come to us directly.



Work experience

We have provided work experience placements for a range of students, including university college level (veterinary medicine, equine studies, social work), and secondary school. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Much of our work is with school groups – the benefits of this are that we can work on skills that relate back to the classroom and that help schools to achieve many of the objectives in the national curriculum, especially for sport and PHSE. We liaise closely with teachers to understand the specific needs for individual children as well as the overall group’s needs. Outcomes are recorded as appropriate.

If you would like to know more, please call to arrange to observe a session or to discuss further. We provide one free teacher-training session per year for all our organisation to help staff understand the implications of what happens during sessions and maximise the benefits.

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