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Horsewyse CIC Announcement & Re-opening.

We are re-opening 8th March 2021!

Covid-19 Announcement

8th March 2021 we see some restrictions being lifted, however we must ask all visitors/students attending our yard to continue to keep a safe distance. To wear a face mask unless you are except due to a medical condition. Any equipment used by visitors/students must be sanitized after use. There are stations at the main entrance to the yard where we ask you to use hand sanitizer upon entry and please use freely as needed whilst on the yard and when leaving the yard. We ask that all visitors/students refrain from making close contact with other students not from the same educational facility. All the equipment you use on the yard will need to be sanitized after every use. If you have to sneeze or cough please follow government guidelines and do not use tissue. Dispose of any gloves, facemasks and wipes carefully and in bins provided.

Changing to Monday to Friday only

We have decided that we will not be re opening for Horse Riding lessons at the weekends. We are concentrating on the demand for SEN sessions in the week and therefore we will be resting the horses and ponies at the weekends.

We have now run under new management for 4 years and would like to thank all our BHS riders for their support during that time. We hope you will all continue riding and enjoy this fantastic activity and we hope you all find an equally enjoyable riding school. Stay safe


There will be an announcement about Hacks shortly


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