pony days 


Pony Day Experience starts from 9am and lasts till 3pm on selected dates during school holidays. The minimum age for attendees is 5 years old. Checkout our event calendar or events page for the most up to date availability at our Equine Therapy Centre. £70 per day discount for week bookings



What we do on pony day!

Depending on how many groups we have our timetable may follow the schedule below, however it will be adjusted to take into account the number of riders we have on the day so may change slightly. 

9am booking in, safety talks and hat fitting

9.30am Meet the ponies in the field, lead them in from the field to their stables, making them a hay net or feeding them breakfast.

10.am  Grooming and (picking out feet with supervision)

10.30am Collecting your tack and tacking up your pony (with supervision)

You will be shown and taught what each part of the tack is for and the correct way to tack up your ponies safely (fun learning)

11.am In your groups you will either ride first or, tack clean, make hay nets, make straw beds.  You will ride for 30 minutes, this can be in the menege or riding up to the bridle path.  Those that need to be led will be assisted by a member of staff. 


We will all have lunch together. 


1pm Afternoon rides, weather permitting (if not too hot/raining ) we may take the pony and cart out so you can all experience a little drive in the cart with our lovely pony Pumpkin,  we will have games with the ponies ridden or on foot in the renege, mucking out and feeding the ponies, returning them to the field and watching them in the herd having fun and rolling around with their friends.

Sadly then home time with rosettes and certificates of attendance small prizes for some of our games for participating and all will of course go away with happy memories of riding, meeting and playful games with our lovely pones including our magical pony Patrick the amazing pony who loves to follow and communicate with you!

PLEASE BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT WE GET VERY BOOKED UP IN THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS. EMAIL info@horsewyse.org.uk to register your interest and complete a rider registration form. 

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