Pony days

Pony Day Experience starts from 9am and lasts till 3pm on selected dates during school holidays. The minimum age for attendees is 5 years old. Check out our event calendar or events page for the most up to date availability at our Equine Therapy Centre.

Horsewyse herd

What will happen during pony day experience?

​During your pony day, you will learn how to:

  • Catch a pony in the field. 

  • Groom and plait.

  • You will learn about tack and how to make up your stable. This includes making hay nets and filling up the water for the ponies; feeding, cleaning tack and working with it.

  • You will also be able to do connection work and clicker training.

  • At the end of the day, you get to muck out the stables and leave them clean and tidy.

  • You will also learn how to make beds, and how to lead ponies back in to the fields.

  • During the day you will have a ride in the riding school and also a ride up the road or bridle path. 

A horse being groomed by a girl

What your child should wear and bring with them  during pony day?

Always dress according to the weather.

  • Bring along your lunch and plenty to drink. There is a sweet/pringle machine £1.00 a time too :)

  • If the weather is not kind to us warm/waterproof clothing to be worn.

  • No trainers, please!

  • Since hats are required while working with ponies, we suggest you bring your own if you have one. We do have spares, but own always fits better. 

  • Bring sun cream if it is hot and plenty of water/juice (and of course your packed lunch). 

  • Spare set of clothes to go home in (working with ponies is fun but can be wet and messy).

A tack box

Upcoming pony days and booking the experience.

The next available Pony days are in February, April, May/June and July, August and September 2022. For further information on these days please email us at, also refer to events page for

info@horsewyse.org.uk, see the events calendar or fill our booking form. 

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