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Honcho is a 15-year old coloured Argentinian polo pony who we rescued from an untimely end when his polo career was cut short by a bout of toxic laminitis. With some corrective shoeing and a strict diet, he was soon back on form and became everyone’s favourite. He is completely unflappable and happy to do as much or as little as a rider wants. He works with all our children and young people to give them their first riding experience. We use a vaulting roller and pad as it is much more comfortable for horse and rider and gives a much greater sense of security and achievement.



Patrick has been part of Horsewyse cic for many years now.  Patrick works with SEN children and adults.  He is a very loving and caring pony who makes friends with all and will give you lots of confidence.  Patrick is known as our magical pony as he has a hidden talent at birthday parties of finding the birthday girl/boy on his and making friends with all the children playing games and taking the children for rides then of course allows the children to groom him, that is is favourite part.

Patrick (Horse)


Charlie has been part of Horsewyse CIC for many years and enjoys teaching children to ride at all levels as well as being an excellent jumping pony.  Charlie has also started working with our SEN children and takes on his role with pride.

Charlie and Luca with Katina
Harrison (Horse)


Harrison is our little mascot and works with toddlers, leading him out for walks and grooming. He loves lots of attention and plenty of cuddles.

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