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Apprenticeship vacancy at Horsewyse CIC. If you are looking to work with horses and wish to combine practical training in a job with study (Keits) then as an apprentice you will work alongside experienced staff, gain job-specific skills. earn a wage and get holiday pay. If you love working with horses and enjoy yard work and the posibiity of training to become a riding instructor please call us today for an informal chat. 01844 202966 ...

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A lovely first lesson today on the absolute right horse to start me back riding after a 1.5 yr break due to baby! Thank you! Monty was lovely and great instructor! Thanks Wise Dee x ...

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Fun day was hard work for all the ponies who raised a considerable amount of money and they worked so hard giving the children pony rides. Horse cart rides, thanks Niel Neil Ewers for driving Eileen and walking our new boy the very young Pumpkin who worked hard, Pumpkins first time riding the cart with Dee at the reins, he did well. More to come now pumpkin. For Becky who did most of the work organising the day with her work place. Thanks to those not involved directly at Horsewyse who helped, Jessica Louise Faulkner and John Martin ... Lisa on the raffle, Di Zulu on the gate all day thank you.. Jackie Prue's family who were great especially on the bar. Catlin on the bouncy castle. Again thank you so much for helping us at Horsewyse .... as for Horsewyse volunteers other than Kip and myself who are there 7 days a week voluneering , all great cant thank you enough everyone deserves a pat on the back, not just for the 6th August also for your continued support and volunteer work throughout the year 🙂 🙂 🙂 As for our fantasic school riding ponies all stars, ruby, pixie, annie, toby, cobweb, charlie, patrick, wispa, kitty, bella, and honcho when he is not in a mood, they work hard all year round harrison and bim for being cute and meeting our guests, Annie and patrick who work with our special needs children and adults are without doubt worth their weight in gold they take a lot from our riders and are complete stars. Prue Kip who maintains the place now to highest stanards, and helps with admin and runing the place but also mucked out all the horses today sorry Kip just had to get the admin stuff done today otherwise would have helped you ..I will sort ponies out in the morning, I have to say for 2 of us with the help from Jackie and Jaz, Meg, Georgia, Emily, Joanna, Cristina (Hacks) and who worked hard with pony rides yesterday, with Elinor Purvis all volunteers the place would not run without you, the hours put in durig the week and especially the weekends thank you for keeping us running you are all stars 7 days a week 🙂 🙂 Our Sen and non Sen children appreciate it very much. I do no know what we would do with out our school riding ponies. ...

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Thanks for a great lesson on Sunday. Bella was a real sweetie (btw Kip - I understand 😉 ) ...

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Please look at our Localgiving page...if you wish to dontate to Horsewyse CIC, thank you ...

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