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Case Histories

This page contains several case histories. Firstly we would like to thank the parents and carers for granting us permission to publish these summaries. They outline the conditions relating to the individuals as diagnosed by professionals prior to being introduced to the Horsewyse team. In each case the writer comments on the changes in behaviour as a result of the therapy that we provide.


Lillie's story

Lillie came to Horsewyse CIC via her school with anxiety, self harming, and ASD, ADHD, low confidence, and was not attending school. 

In her own words: "Since coming to Horsewyse I have gained considerable experience, knowledge and I have been able to gain some of my confidence back, I have made new friends and I love working with the horses. I know how to muck out, groom, tack up and look after a pony. Since being at Horsewyse the staff have been so friendly, helpful and greatly encouraged me to believe in myself again and I am worthy of an education. I am now lucky enough to be training towards getting my qualification both general academic and also a qualification in horse care via Horsewyse in conjunction with Haddon Training. I feel now I am able to go out into the world of work with qualifications, confidence and I have stopped self harming. It has been a long hard road for me however my parents are so pleased with all the help that Horsewyse has given to me.”

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